The third edition of the #CultureonLIVE conference will take place on September 11–13, 2022 at Goyki 3 ArtInkubator in Sopot and at www.cultureon.live.

The event caters to the need to strengthen the digital competence of cultural industry representatives in the pandemic-driven transfer of some or all of the events to the web. Today, two years later, we already know that COVID 19 was just the first of the crises we are experiencing. The war in Ukraine, skyrocketing inflation and the threat of more pandemic waves are directly affecting the condition of the industry itself and its customers.

Therefore, the thematic scope of this year’s conerence will include not only issues related to the future of the use of modern technology in the implementation of cultural events, but also the mental health of artists, performers and cultural personnel, the need to understand changing standards of inclusivity, the redefinition of mobility in the art world and the need for drastic changes in the education system.
In turn, participation in the workshops, which will be held on the second day of the conference, will allow participants to develop their digital competencies, but will also suggest how to communicate effectively with potential partners and how to increase their productivity.